Deanne & Garrett Calamigos Ranch Oak Room Wedding

Russell John Films had the privilege of being a part of Deanne & Garrett’s Wedding day Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California .


Background: Deanne and Garrett are Physicians Assistants. Garrett is working with Veterans  and Deanne assists woman working in Breast Cancer recovery.


The proposal:(Narrated by the Bride)
Garrett has never been good at keeping secrets—in fact, he is probably the most terrible at it.  In August of last year I was helping my cousin Adrienne move to college when I got a phone call. It was Garrett checking in on me, the usual –“What are you doing? How was the move?” and then- an awkward silence, “…So, uh, what’s your ring size? I need to know… like preferably by Monday.”

On October 8 of last year, he wanted me to roll out of bed. It was 7am. He said we should walk our dog Jimmy to the park before the USC Football game we had planned to go to that afternoon. Without any makeup and in my scrubby clothes I got in the car, I was honestly not in the best mood.Why couldn't we just walk him outside around the block? We finally arrive at Arlington Garden in Pasadena, this park is literally a 15 minute walk. If you know Garrett, you will know he is not a chatty Cathy, but he was chatting up a storm. We were done walking the park in a couple of minutes and I said, “Ok, shall we go to the neighborhoods and keep walking?” “Umm, no let’s make another round”—he answered. I thought nothing of it. It was a very nice garden without one person there since it was so early. It was a very warm morning but Garrett was wearing his Fall jean jacket. This garden was the very first place we ever took Jimmy for a walk—I remembered how he frolicked through the bumpy moss and how he loved jumping off every little ledge.

Before I knew it we were back at the entrance so I just started walking towards the street. I turned around and Garrett was slowing down and I heard him softly say, “…hey”. “What are you doing?” d kind of irritated. In slow motion I saw him reach into his jacket and pull out a small black box. At this point I started backing away from him and yelled—“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?!!” He walked towards me and blocked me from walking further toward the street. He knelt down and said the words I had been waiting for him to say for almost 5 years. 


Though excited, Jimmy behaved himself coz mom and dad were having the time of their lives.


Deanne and Garrett had a beautiful Calamigos Ranch Oak Room Wedding.  The Oak Room at Calamigos Ranch is one of Los Angeles’s premier wedding venues.  Backed by a beautiful waterfall, the ceremony site is one of the most exquisite locations to have your wedding at.  


The sweeping deck at the Calamigos Ranch Oaks Room is a picture perfect for Deanne and Garrett's wedding ceremony . A natural stone waterfalls backdrop makes the ceremony serene yet elegant.


Floral accents and arrangements made possible by Violette's Flowers - Celina Wong


A stunningly gorgeous bridal bouquet made by Violette's Flowers - Celina Wong


That joyous expression is painted in Garrett's face as he waits for his bride, Deanne marching down the aisle.


It is every father's wish to walk her daughter down the aisle and witness her saying "I do" to the man she solemnly vow to love, cherish and live happily for the rest of her life.

It takes concentration and Focus for Garrett as he recites his vows but our Groom to be memorized it so he can look into Deanne's eyes!

It takes concentration and Focus for Garrett as he recites his vows but our Groom to be memorized it so he can look into Deanne's eyes!

Deanne's Reaction to Garret's Vows.

Deanne's Reaction to Garret's Vows.


"... you may now kiss the bride"


That rustic themed pastries table with sumptuous variety of pastries is such a delight, with of course the focal is the magnificent wedding cake with its cute topper by French Confection Co.- Courtney Rajan


Garrette's emotional reaction listening to the love of his life sung a song for him. 


Deanne and Garrett both loved karaoke since they were in medical school. That's why on their wedding, having a band means a lot to the couple. Everyone had a good time singing and dancing with the DJ| Casual Encounters Live Karaoke Band - Graeme Hinde


The traditional slicing of the cake with the majestic 3-layered gradient wedding cake by French Confection Co.- Courtney Rajan


It is indeed a great privilege for making us a part of your special day Deanne & Garrett #DGIDOINMALIBU. These event became more special because it is backed with the most talented people. 

Wedding coordinator| Amy Park
Photographer| Sun & Sparrow Photography - Tiffani
Wedding Cake Vendor | French Confection Co.- Courtney Rajan
Florist| Violette's Flowers - Celina Wong
DJ| Casual Encounters Live Karaoke Band - Graeme Hinde