Jessie & Seth's Destination Wedding in Kauai

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Back in April, our good friend and long time client Seth asked us to travel to Hawaii and film his & Jessie's big destination wedding in Kauai. Tough sell, right? Their friends and family from all over the country made the trip as well to join these two lovebirds. And of course, this also included their dog-child, Mochi the Bandit. The day prior to the wedding, everyone celebrated at the St. Regis poolside with drinks, dancing, and a little paddle boarding.

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Kauai was so beautiful, we seriously contemplated staying there forever!

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We knew Seth was a great speaker, so it’s no surprise he wrote some amazingly heartfelt vows. Their wedding was a blast and really showed the best of both their fun-loving personalities. Thanks for bringing RJ Films onboard Seth and we wish you both many years of happiness and pool parties!

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Venue: St. Regis Princeville, Kauai

Photography: Sealight Studios