When will my video be completed?

Hello to all our brides and grooms!  Now that the wedding season is behind us, the editing season is in full force.  Our editing team is working very hard to make all your amazing wedding videos!  Here is a list of anticipated completion dates for some of our projects.  If you don't see yourself on here, then expect your video to be completed by the normal 16 week date!  We thank you all so much for your patience- we are working as fast as we can, but we also don't want to sacrifice the quality of your film by rushing it too much.  We put our heart and soul into each video we create, and our videos don't follow a cookie-cutter format.  Each is crafted to fit the specific couple!  We know you and your family will love your film when it is finished!

Sasha & Nestor- 11-28-13    - Short Film

Gwen & Brian- 12-6-13      -Short Film

Lisa & Martin-12-11-13 -   Feature Film

Jessica & Daniel- 12-12-13    Feature Film

Stephanie & Jonathan- 12-13-13     Feature Film

Cherish & Matthew 12-16-13        Feature Film

Elise & Travis- 12-27-13          Short Film

Smita & Michael- 12-31-13     Short Film

Courtney & Paul- 1-2-14      Feature Film

Katie & Duy-1-3-14          Short Film

Monica & Christian- 1-6-14    Short Film

Malissa & Benjamin- 1-7-14   Feature Film

Sivan & Daniel- 1-9-14       Feature Film

Cheryl & Ben- 1-10-14        Feature Film

The rest will be finished by their 16 week due date.