Shannon & Sameer-  "I really cannot express how wonderful Russell John Films was to work with for our wedding weekend. They were not only extremely professional, but very passionate about their work. And even more than that, they were passionate about our wedding and us as a couple. Everybody who has seen the videos of our wedding has marveled at Russell John Films's quality, craftsmanship, and artistry. Their ability to capture everything from grand emotions to the slightest details has left us all in awe. Engaging them to film our wedding weekend was one of the best decisions we made."

Ashley & Chris-  "Oh my gosh!! That was AMAZING!! People advised us to not have our wedding taped and save costs but honestly... That was the best thing we could have done! That captured emotions that photographs could never do. We've already referred a bunch of our friends and emphasized the importance of having a wedding film of their own. Thank you so much for letting us relive our special day!!!"

Rebecca & Michael-  "When I opened up the video, I knew I would see magic, because that is what you and your team do--you take the magic from the greatest day of our lives, and you put it into your videos. However, nothing could prepare me for what you did. You took us back and captured exactly what (and who) was important to us, and for that, we can never put into words how thankful we are for a dream team such as yours. You are such a gift and we cannot wait to share it with our friends and family! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

Denise & Jonathan- "WOW!!!!! We are truly blown away! Your work is phenomenal! The shots are absolutely beautiful and you captured the essence of our day and you told our story!  Thank you thank you thank you!"

Pavandeep & Akal-  "Oh my gosh!  We haven't stopped watching this highlight video since I saw the email last night. Akal and I are truly blown away - we loved our wedding and just got a taste of that all over again. You've done an amazing job with this highlight and we can't wait for the full length feature! 

Hiring Russell John films was one of the best choices we made in planning out wedding. They were a joy to work with and beautifully captured every moment of our wedding. They took time to get to know us and our style and created a video that is very true to us. Our friends who watched the video said,” this is the best wedding video I’ve ever seen.” And,”I feel like I was there. I’m not crying you are.” The photobooth was very special too, with lots of unique props!