12 Things Couples should review with their videographer, before the Big Day!

As your Wedding FIlmmaking team, we want to ensure we are prepared to create a film you will love and Cherish for years to come. To do that, there are a few things you should review with your Lead Shooter.

1. Your Timeline : Having the timeline with locations helps us to be at the right place at the right time. We'll have our cameras set up and ready to film all the important events.

2. Any Surprises: If we don't get a heads up about the special choreographed dance or music performance, it will be hard to capture this to the best of our ability. If you are surprising your spouse, we can keep a secret!

3. Planning a Portrait Session: We ask that all couples (& Photographers) provide us with 10-15 minutes of designated videography time to capture romantic shots and beautiful details such as the rings, Dress, etc. This usually happens right after the ceremony.


4. Speeches: We want to know who is giving each speech and when. This will help us have our professional audio recording set up and be able to plan unique shots to capture the speaker. We generally work with the DJs and will sometimes mic up the speakers to ensure we don't miss a beat or sound.

5. Wedding Coordinator's Contact Information: We always like to have a main point of contact for your event. We know your busy planning the event now, and won't always be available the day of your wedding. We should have the contact information of someone we can reach out to with any last minute questions.

6. Any Gift Exchanges or Card Readings: When brides & grooms plan to do a gift exchange, its awesome to capture card readings and your reactions on film. These are some of the final moments before the ceremony and are often full of emotion and feelings!


7. Important Friends & Family Members: Family is such an important component to your wedding day so we don't want to miss anyone! Be sure to point out your close family members, as well as any important friends you want included in your video.

8. Your Film's Music Selection: If you give us your music selection before the wedding, we get a better sense of your style and can collect footage to complement it. This will also help speed along the editing process so you'll get your finished film sooner!

9. First Look: Many brides & grooms choose to do a first look before the main ceremony. If you do plan for this, be sure to let us know so we don't miss this special moment!


10. Personalized Vows: We love when couples write their own vows! And when they do, we want to make sure we have crystal-clear audio of these. This often becomes a big part of your wedding film.

11. What You're Most Excited About: Let us know what you're most excited about for your big day! We will put an extra emphasis on capturing footage of this. If you're wearing your mother's vintage wedding gown, we'll be sure to get more details shots of the dress.

12. Unique Exit: If you are planning on doing a unique exit, like a sparkler send off or driving away in an old school car, we'd love to stay to capture this!

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